Mr. Isaac Duodu

Isaac Duodu is a Ghanaian permanent resident with over six years of experience in customer service, relationship building with key stakeholders – government, private companies and foreign partners. He is an expert in the field of start-ups development, as well as having strong negotiation skills. Further areas of expertise lie in subjects ranging from entrepreneurship and small business management to developing SMEs, business incubation management, project management administration and events management.

Isaac is currently the Country Project Coordinator for African Germany Entrepreneurship Academy in Ghana and a management member of the Kumasi Business Incubator and Kumasi Innovation Hub at KNUST, where he supports young entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into tangible business outcomes.

His effective communication & relationship management skills in a multicultural business environment distinguish him in the delivery of business service support. He has strong leadership skills, ability to inspire others to focus on the objectives and coach them to perform well.

He works on many projects including projects financed by the World Bank, European Commission and DAAD. At Tramo he ensures smooth operations, manages customer relationships and directs the day-to-day activities. He supports all portfolio management with his diverse experience in project financing and assets portfolio management.