While studying for his Bachelor’s degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, William Anarfi-Sarpong, in pursuing his passion to see a much cleaner environment in and around campus – KNUST, founded the Trash Management and Recycling Organisation
(TRAMO). As a group registered on campus, TRAMO became a house-hold brand, holding public awareness programs on proper waste disposal methods with lots of emphasis on waste recycle. The group also assisted in providing litter bins at vantage points on campus. In 2013, its founder was awarded the nationwide Innovator of the year at the KNUST NUGS -Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award.

The current form of the organisation took shape in 2012 after it has been registered as a limited liability company under the Ghana Company Act – 1963 (Act 917). The company is 100% Ghanaian owned and currently operates from both its Accra and Ashanti Regional offices, with
the set vision of transforming Africa’s waste management system. TRAMO partners other local and international organisations with business interests in waste recycle, public policy analysis, sanitation research and fronting both technical and financial investments to realise Ghana’s sanitation ambitions.