We are currently positioned to invest into the potential of creating value from both solid and liquid waste through our flagship biogas processing units. The company has in the past operated in the areas of waste collection from household, hotels and other private companies with the
emphasis on recycling waste to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective resources for households, businesses, educational institutions. Over the last two years, TRAMO also took up the agenda to lead the industry to realise that Ghana’s plastic waste is converted into Plastic
Pavement and Roofing Sheets. TRAMO currently sees this Biogas Plant idea as its next big move for the sanitation business. While on a small scale, its portable biogas system is catching up, among businesses and hotels in and around Kumasi, the company anticipates that with the right partnership, even large digesters 8 of 1380 cubic metres in size can be developed for use in every district and more portable digesters can be deployed. The company sees a great competitive advantage with this project due to the vast utility of its varied end-products. With the current technology under consideration, the entire cycle of digestion could produce liquid fertilizer, clean water and biogas that could be used for cooking and to power a generator for lighting and powering appliances.